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digital Basset Crypto Domains

 Memerable blockchain industry domain name that ticks all the boxes, encompassing cryptocurrencies, NFT, and anything else that pops up along the way. At the time of writing this it is estimated the total market cap of the Cryptocurrency market is somewhere between 1.8 Trillion USD and 2.5 Trillion USD, while the NFT industry is valued at around 22 Billion USD.

Sometimes generic domain names are not as attractive as a brand names. Imagine if Google was called #Search or Facebook was called #Community? A brandable Dot Com has a unique #hashtag that helps users find their content, any other extension would have to have an appropriate hashtag #CommunityIO.

Here is a domain that is not to generic whilst remaining intuitive. A brandable, pronounceable and self describing domain name that you won't have to explain, or constantly repeat over the phone to clients.

✔ Unforgettable.
✔On Point & Intuitive.
✔ 2 Words w/ Correct Spelling.
✔ Dot Com (commercial).
✔ Brandable.
✔ Growth Industry🚀.
✔ Fun🐶.
✔ IG. (exact match account name)
✔ Twitter. (exact match account name)
✔ Discord. (exact match account name)

A terrific domain name encompassing the entire Blockchain industry, this domain name is a one of a kind. In one case 2 keywords are seperated with the letter "B", and in the 2nd case, combine the capital "B" for 2 correctly spelled words.
digital Basset
digital "B" asset

An amazing list of A-list celebrities known to love Basset Hounds includes the mighty Clint Eastwood, the glamourous Brigitte Bardot, the lovely Marilyn Monroe and none other than the hound loving 🎵 Mr Elvis Presley, who wrote a song we should all be familiar with "You aint nothin but a hound dog".

Reach out if there are any questions. 

If this became a significant transaction Paypal and eBay would have to become involved to help ensure transparency for all parties concerned, and to ensure an efficient transaction takes place, and God willing many others to come.

#blockchain #cryptocurrency

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