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In our increasingly digital world, domain names are no longer mere online addresses. They're the foundation of your digital persona, the initial handshake with your audience, and a pivotal asset that can sculpt your brand's trajectory. Let's explore the boundless potential of "" and its diverse applications.    🌐 Distinct Branding & Identity. "" isn't just a domain—it's a narrative. It encapsulates your brand's ethos, "A catchy domain helps boost brand recognition", a story in and of itself if you will, of an occupiable space that exists in the digital realm. 💼 Versatile Business Applications. The fusion of "Webb" and "Suite" in the commercial domain name extension (.com), in context hints at a whole myriad of scalable SaaS applications from website and email management, Virtual Assistant Health Clinician Mental Health Clinician Desktop Building Assessors Job Coach Brand Advisors E
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the joker 🃏

To date the beaver and the wand emoji handles at Blogger have been given away, next is "the🃏" or code, "xn--the-x482b". Follow  to get the notification when I delete this from my list. the🃏 or xn--the-x482b I will delete this unless DC comics would like this of course, so my email is


There was 1 bug I know of in messaging systems regarding emoji domains. This email address sent by SMS / PM or DM viewed on an Android device or desktop, on various platforms eg. Update@™️ would pull up the home page of on your Android device, desktop and some Apple devices potentially tricking someone into opening up an email and being compromised. And at that time maybe it's nothing but somebody was selling for 70k USD on Godaddy and today still redirects to a foreign porn site. More than 90% of non .gov websites were affected which included anti virus companies, however today it is not a problem.

Using Emoji for Tumblr and Blogger🅰️

F irstly many don't know about emoji domains let alone emoji handles at Tumblr and Blogger but before that there have been some developments concerning emoji as domain names in general. Until recently it was believed that all emoji required a special code to be used as domain names, however, "With the exception of the information emoji, the trademark emoji and the "m" emoji, for an emoji to work as a domain name it needs a so called "punycode". Wikipedia S o it turns out that you can add a trademark Emoji (and symbol) to your, brand dot com by registering your, brandtm dot com  There is a code that normally prevents emoji from being used in dot com and the like, however as the TM code is just tm, it works. It does raise the question do I register my, brandtm com? A large portion of the domain name segment is made up of companies whom are granted with pre-public, registration access so that they may protect their names and the likeness of their names. In ot