Using Emoji for Tumblr and Blogger🅰️

Firstly many don't know about emoji domains let alone emoji handles at Tumblr and Blogger but before that there have been some developments concerning emoji as domain names in general. Until recently it was believed that all emoji required a special code to be used as domain names, however.

"With the exception of the information emoji, the trademark emoji and the "m" emoji, for an emoji to work as a domain name it needs a so called "punycode". Wikipedia

That means by adding the Latin letters tm, m and i to a domain name in any extension, then you have added their respective emoji codes to the word that you registered.




However support varies widely as does emoji appearance from each device, platform and their versions, and emoji as an email address is still a ways off as of from now, early December 2021, even though


does currently work.

Some great reasons to use an emoji handle.

A picture speaks a thousand languages.

Emoji will gain support from the major browsers at some point as IDN do now (internationalised domain names), hopefully.

Some considerations if you want an emoji handle on Tumblr or Blogger.

  • stands out alot
  • it's commonly used
  • adding keywords ....🐔o

Here's what you'll need to do.

1.Setup Blogger or Tumblr account.

2.Next find the emoji you want here.


3.Now you've found it, hit the copy button, paste it into the text box here (with the word) and hit "convert to punycode".  punycoder.com 

 4.In your blogger account settings you'll be able to paste the xn-- code into the address field, simple. 

 Where can you use it? Linkedin and Twitter have quite good support for emoji domains. Instagram now allows a naked emoji domain (not sub/handle) on your home page bio, however it was only for Android and Desktops. In a tweet use the xn--code not the emoji for it to work. IDN now have quite good support from major email providers and browsers.

WEATHERℹ️LIVE@Outlook.com doesn't work yet but some day soon maybe, or maybe not.

Where else can you use an emoji code as a username?

Linkedin allow both the ℹ️ emoji and the ⓘ symbol and they each have unique codes as well, but to my knowledge Blogger, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wix and Gumtree are the main 6, but don't forget "tm" "m" and "i" will still work at Wordpress.

If you add a custom domain name to Blogger only, don't forget to add the 4 A records to your DNS.