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Showing posts from June, 2021 is available here. Domain name available. #HotelsTM message.

🧑‍🎨 at Tumblr™

Release date 2019. The Artist Emoji (code xn--8k8hr2h). Visit for the latest versions. Palette Painters and Decorators in Perth, W.A, the  C o l o u r  e xperts. www.🎨.Painters™.com | www.🏠🎨.ws www.🧑‍🎨

🪙⛏ at Tumblr™

The 🪙⛏ Emoji Handle at message.  

Coin the Name of a Space Mission

Not only do you get a chance to name the mission, ESA have a prize for you as well.  Who can enter? Nationals of ESA Member, Cooperating and Associate States; the European Union; Argentina, Australia; and, ISS partner countries, except for: Staff of ESA, its suppliers, its contractors, and Members of the immediate families or households of (a) above. Competition  Details and Rules photo courtesy of ESA

Did you know?

You might want to reconsider throwing that casino chip into the wishing well, there probably wasn't a magical fairy after all. According to Wikipedia it might have started out as a game or even an early form of gambling or wagering, a game where the coin wasn't even the prize perhaps? Wikipedia "another local custom at Askham is the throwing of coins from the nearby bridge onto a boulder that lies just below the water level of the river. Getting the coin to land on the rock gives the thrower "good luck." Obvious connections exist with water generally and the practice of throwing in coins to seek favors of the water spirits ".

#SatoshExchange .com .crypto

Satosh Exchange and Satosh Market in dot com and dot crypto Dot Crypto never renew again ! Blockchain Domain can send and receive crypto instead of using a crypto wallet address, you just use the domain name instead, which is stored in a wallet just like crypto. message.


SPORTℹ.live One of a handful of ℹnformation Emoji domains that I found available. If you check this Instagram bio out using an Android or desktop you'll see the Emoji Domain in the bio, and if you typed it on fb or any of the other platforms, its appearance may keep changing on every platform, because Emoji appearance depends on the device and platform you are using, and their respective versions. What else more could you want the ❤️‍🔥 Emoji handle at Tumblr to go with the latest emoji domain name technology. Domains and Emoji Handles Mailto.


www.Visitorsℹ.com  #VISITORSℹ Domain registered at Godaddy in 2020. You won't have ever read about using the information Emoji in a domain before because it's such a new idea. Before it became common knowledge I had been looking into various aspects of Emoji domains when I blindly stumbled over this unique capability. Emoji appearance constantly changes, between devices and platforms, which also depends on their respective operating system versions. So you see, this domain name will never be static, it could be any color or shape. For arguments sake if Apple or Samsung wanted to, they could make it look like a leprechaun, heck they could even make it jump up and down as well (very early days they animated some emoticons), so the technology is very interesting. Domains and Emoji Handles Mailto. Domain registered at Godaddy in 2018. Discover an extensive list of TM themed crypto domains, fintech domains, and iconic generic words. Domains and Emoji Handles Mailto.

🐈‍⬛ at Tumblr™

 New in 2020 Emoji Username 🐈‍⬛ at Tumblr available here. www.🐈‍⬛ A very memorable username. Tumblr is used by many commercial entities who benefit from sharing their content to a large audience via a suite of unique media sharing tools. Mailto.